Design is the source of real power.

As soon as we receive an order, we start designing a preliminary mould as per the explanation and approval provided by our customer. The preliminary mould design shows the dimension, injection, cooling, the core and the moving parts on the sides of the mould; in other words, all of the main characteristics of the product. As a result, our customers can swiftly see the engineering concept.

After the technical qualities of the product are checked, the designing phase starts with ordering the steel material without losing time. During the design, all parts of the mould are shown in a 3D solid model and a 2D Technical Drawing.

In our firm, we use the CAD/CAM programs, which are the best in their own fields, and Catia Translator, Cadmold and Moldworks software. The file types we can read thanks to these programs are IGS, PARASOLID (XT), SAT, VDA; STEP, DWG, DXF, STL PRT, MOD, EXP, CATPart, CATProduct