Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank opened the new investment of our company MTN Plastik, which produces molds and parts for global brands, in Çerkezköy OSB. Minister Varank, in his speech at the opening ceremony of our new investment of MTN Plastic Factory in Çerkezköy OSB, said that the company has accomplished very important works both in molding and in the field of value-added plastic parts.

Pointing to the importance of the added value of the companies, Varank said:

“We can measure the added value of this company as follows. Turkey’s export value per kilogram is around 1 Euro, but the export value of our company in some molds is 58 dollars per kilogram, and 5.8 dollars in some plastic parts. Therefore, we say that those who want to see how added value is created should come and visit our company, MTN.

Minister Varank said, “We are working hard to make our country a country that develops and grows by creating added value with value-added production and shares its prosperity with all its nation. Our biggest supporters here are our entrepreneurs and their devoted colleagues. I thank them. I wish this new investment to be beneficial for our city, country and economy.” said. While we are on the agenda with production in the world, we are also investing in areas where we will make our own brands and more value-added productions. I wish we had 3-5 hours so we could listen to all the details of the company. I was really impressed with MTN company today. New generation production, being able to mold different materials at the same time are the areas where the industry will transform in the coming period.

MTN has achieved this and has the capacity to spread this technology to the world. I thank them.”

Minister Varank then toured the factory and received information about the works from YKB Metin Güler.