Mould Trial Injection

Time to set the result.

MTN carries out in-house trials of the moulds produced. The

moulds are tested under

conditions suitable for mass production in trial injections of  various capacity and dimensions.

Reports are prepared by our firm for each trial made. The trials made and reports prepared have provided  significant experience to our firm.

After the approval of the customer is received with regards to  the parts, the customer is invited to show the operation  system of the mould and to provide all necessary information.  If required, preliminary mass production up to a certain  amount is also made.

The final decision on whether or not the procedure has been  successfully completed is taken during the trail with the raw  material after the production phase is finished and the mould is  prepared.

A trial is run on appropriate injection machinery in our premises  to check the dimensions of the moulds and whether or not they  are functioning properly.